The Grem-Rush, Or GrempocalypseEdit

The Grem-Rush (Lovingly known as Grempocalypse) Is a strategy famously used by Rojiru, In which the user use the great breeding compacity, easy crafting, and the hell portal to one's advantage. It is terrifying as your army of Red-Tinted Gremlins sweep across the land like a plague, demolishing everything that sits in front of it's glorious warpath.

Set UpEdit

The Grem-Pocalypse starts very early game, and is most effective there. Gremlins are not a race with an abundance of strength, and as such need to use numbers to their advantage. Follow these steps:

  1. Aquire a piece of wood
  2. FInd a concealed pool of water, bring all Gremlins in and seal up after yourself
  3. Begin fishing with said Gremlins after building a bonecrafting station
  4. Wait until night time, and create a gremlin post out of a fish.
  5. Train until the gremlins are hungry, and have them eat. They'll split.
  6. Rinse and repeat.
  7. Meanwhile, train up a crafter so that you can gear your Apocalypse.
  8. Once you ahve a legendary crafter, send all Gremlin warriors to teh hell portal, and demonfy as many as possible.
  9. Take all survivors back to base, gear and train.

Actual AttackEdit

With your new Gremlin Horde, find other players who aren't in the greatest gear, or do not have units enough to deal with you. Attack them relentlessly, making sure to surround your targets completely for best effect. Enjoy being Over-Powered, Dear Player!