Goblins are sadistic, cruel and evil. They are quick in body and in mind, all the better to find inventively cruel ways to slice someone to ribbons. Goblins are one of the few races to have access to the potionmaking station. These units start with a sleepingbag, a pickaxe and a GoblinSword.

  • Average stat gains, slightly higher agility, slighty lower strength
  • Can eat raw meat
  • Can chop down trees without an axe. Don't ask, they're goblins, and don't have to explain shit.
  • Goblin Swords are stronger and more vicious than swords made by other races
  • Can build Obsidian Walls and Floors to make their dark forts look more menacing
  • Bonus to finding gemstones after level 20
  • Available Stations
    • Carpentry
    • Smelter
    • Melter
    • Masonry
    • Alchemy (!)
    • Gemcraft
    • Leatherworks
    • Forge
    • Bonecrafting
    • Poisoncrafting (!)

Lifespan Around 125 years
Civilization High
Alignment Evil