Donating For A Clan BaseEdit

On the new PVP map, anyone who is in an established clan (Clans) will be transported to their base upon entering the PVP portal. For those who do not have a clan base, they will be transported instead to a random location on the PVP map.

This is a permantently coded-in base that will always exist on Garoleth.


A standard 10x10 Clan Base

5$ will get you a 5x5 square base, and every additional 2.50$ gets you another 5 squares in each direction. To explain:
  • 5$ - 5x5 Base
  • 7.50$ - 10x10 Base
  • 10$ - 15x15 Base
  • 12.50$ - 20x20 Base


A lavish 20x20 base